About Us

Two sisters and their mom, with a love of Dutch food, culture, and tradition, decided to fill a gap in the retail market and open a small Dutch booth at the St. Jacob’s Farmers’ Market.

After five years, that small booth tripled in size and has served thousands of customers who shared a love of Dutch culture and Dutch food.

With each year at the market our love for serving our fantastic costumers grew.  Our family-run business discussed a more permanent location and more opportunities to grow and serve our community

When the world ground to a halt because of COVID-19 we realized we had to adjust our way of thinking and serving our customers.  This led us to make a move to a more permanent location in Palmerston Ontario, allowing us to expand our hours of operation as well as our product selection. 

Living and working locally has allowed us to further integrate with our community and give back to the wonderful people that also live and work here.

Discover Oranje Grove

Our wide assortment of Dutch specialty food, imported from Holland, is top quality. Together with our customer service standards, you won’t be disappointed with all that Oranje Grove has to offer.

Fresh Stroopwafels

Our fresh stroopwafel were a favourite at the St. Jacob's Market and are worth the drive to Palmerston.

We have also successfully brought our fresh stroopwafel business to weddings and corporate events, and are so delighted to bring a taste of the Netherlands home.

We also love to support our local community and groups. Reach out to us to chat about fundraising ideas!

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